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We work with the best quality homemade dough, that is to say, those who, thanks to the best ingredients, help create a waffle that is ample, supple and airy but also crispy and sweet and delicious. However, not all customers can maintain a professional machine in their kitchen full-time. That’s why we launched the ready-to-eat waffle. Delivery throughout Switzerland by the company Stef by refrigerated truck.

The waffle ready to eat

The ready-to-eat waffle is an innovative Waffel King introduced in 2016 for our customers who do not have the option of maintaining a professional waffle machine in their kitchen or their premises permanently. For a restaurateur, a hotel or even individuals who wish to be able to make waffles without any additional equipment, this is now possible.

The ready-to-eat waffle is made by Waffel King, then cooked perfectly and frozen and packed individually, you just have to store it until the day you have a strong desire for waffles!

Hoteliers and Restaurateurs

For restaurateurs and hoteliers, it is now possible to put the waffle on your menu all year long as long as you have a little place in the freezer to store one of our boxes of ready-to-eat waffles. Delivery included in the price. Contact us for more details.

The traditional Waffel King waffle

Our main product, the traditional waffle requires a waffle iron for cooking and it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable appliance. That is why Waffel King advises you in the acquisition of a professional waffle maker and offers you training to learn how to use it to the best of your ability.

We also have service cartons, spades, supplies and tools to equip your waffle corner if you decide to install it on your point of sale.

The waffle is a fantastic product for families that can strengthen your catering sales in all circumstances of leisure such as swimming pools, campsites, fairgrounds, fairs and exhibitions. Contact us for more details.